We offer 2 and 4 hour charters.

Prices are for an entire party of up to 6 people, NOT PER INDIVIDUAL.

  • 2 HOURS: $300 
  • 4 HOURS: $475

Charters consist of pulling a trawl net for shrimp and/or fishing crab pots for crabs.

Both activities provide a very hands-on experience; you and your family will be catching, sorting, and directly interacting with all of the marine life you encounter!

During the 4-hour charter, an equal amount of time is allotted to both fishing crab pots and pulling the net for shrimp.
This is our most popular charter, as it provides the most time for both activities.

For the 2-hour charter you may choose either shrimping or crabbing for the duration of the charter.

For all charters, you need only bring drinks, snacks, sunscreen, and a cooler to hold your catch!

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